Incentive traffic

Views, likes and subscribes on the channel

Real views of your Yandex.Broadcast videos without any bots, proxy or cheat subscribes.


Our prices



$ 5.23 / 1000 Subscribers

  • Real users
  • Choice of gender and age
  • Choice of country and city


$ 6.12 / 1000 Views

  • Views by real users
  • In fullscreen mode in their browser
  • 2,5 minutes and longer

Likes and dislikes

$ 3.45 / 1000 actions

  • From real users
  • Inartificial activity
  • Fully safe

How to fast-forward your monetization on Yandex.Broadcast?

You will receive your first income when you will have 10 000 views under every your video. You can achieve it faster with incentived traffic:

Get 10000 views

Viewers from Russia(or any chosen country) will watch your video in full-screen mode in browser for at least 2,5 minutes and make certain actions: pressing like button, subscribe and leave comments

Get significant auditory

Real Yandex.Broadcast users will subscribe to your channel. Like any other person, they have interests and subscriptions, so they will see your video in feed and maybe they will become your regular viewer.

How it works

Trustworthy audience

Hundreds of thousands of users around the world who will visit your site and take any actions on it are at your disposal

Detailed settings

You can create an assignment in which you specify the preferred sources of referrals and the depth of site viewing, down to the exact link following and clicks on ads

Low price

Pay only for the actual number of completed tasks and get daily detailed statistics of completions

24/7 technical support

Professional technical support will assist in setting up ad campaigns and in tracking results


"I’m youtuber and I think it’s too early to perceive Yandex.Broadcast as full-time alternative for YouTube. But nothing stands in your way to make content on both platforms at the same time to get some income from both. Getting 300-400 rubles per day as passive income when you pass monetization line on your channel is a great possibility. From IPweb I got my first 10000 views and recouped this investment in a month".

Anwar Redfern

"Great service for promoting your video! I ordered just a views and in a month I passed monetization line. Users left comments and subscribed, activity on a channel raised up, and this fact shows that service doesn’t use bots or cheating methods".


"I was making content on Yandex.Broadcast for a long time now and couldn’t get monetization. Then I accidentally came across IPweb and decided to take a chance, ordered a few thousands of views on all of my videos. Now I get 50-100 rubles per day and I think I can increase this numbers up if I will order views more often".


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