Incentive traffic

Views and likes in TikTok

Only trustworthy followers, likes, views and comments from real TikTok users.


Our prices



$ 7.01 / 1000 followers

  • Real TikTok users
  • Choice of gender and age
  • Choice of country and city


$ 3.45 / 1000 likes

  • From real users
  • Trustworthy activity
  • Real person’s accounts


$ 12.35 / 1000 comments

  • Choice of geo/language
  • Meaningful and starting from 4 words
  • Using your text

How to promote your TikTok account?

Order views and likes right after posting video. You will be showing your content to real people who will do ordered action. That way you will get more chances of getting to recommended section of feed.

Increase activity under your video

Increasing amount of like and comments and involve auditory in dialogues and arguing in comments section. Algorithms of will give you even more views, if video is discussed

Promote your video

Order views form real users. As an ordinary, they can get entertained by your content and become your fan.

Become popular

As more people interact with your video, you will get better chances of getting in touch with your direct audience. Become popular without investing huge amount of money.

Get new subscribers

More followers the better! Potential advertisers get very interested in channels with active following amount.

How it works

Trustworthy audience

Hundreds of thousands of users around the world who will visit your site and take any actions on it are at your disposal

Detailed settings

You can create an assignment in which you specify the preferred sources of referrals and the depth of site viewing, down to the exact link following and clicks on ads

Low price

Pay only for the actual number of completed tasks and get daily detailed statistics of completions

24/7 technical support

Professional technical support will assist in setting up ad campaigns and in tracking results


"Ordered some followers and got real and active followers, mostly with avatar, some of them even making content of their own! Never seen any bots on this service, that’s why anyone who want to get a lot of followers right on the spot and cheap shouldn’t use it".

Norman Hampton

"I tried it and I use it. Better than others because of its variety of settings. You can choose geo of followers, their gender and age. You can even control their behavior, date of promotion start and stop and etc".

Douglas Fischer

"Service is outstanding! Just tried it to increase likes amount and get more views from people. Couldn’t stop! Moreover, if you have interesting content – this way of promoting will be very useful".

Dana Ball

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