Incentive traffic

Increasing website traffic

Real users for your website! Unique site visits with geo, traffic source, visit time and reading depth management.


Our prices


Plain visits

$ 1.66 / 1000 subscribers

  • Unique IPs
  • Geo settings
  • Traffic sources
  • Visit time settings

Visits from search

from $ 2.55 / 1000 views

  • Variety of search engines
  • Reading depth settings
  • Unique IPs
  • Geo settings

Incentive traffic

from $ 2.55 / 1000 actions

  • Banner clicking
  • Ads clicking
  • Click-through
  • Form submitting
  • Sign-ups

Why you should buy traffic for your website?

Improvement of internal behavioral factors

Increase time and depth of reading on your website using incentive traffic. User performing your targeted action wont leave a website before set time runs out

Improvement of external behavioral factors

When user comes to your page from search results, they are making bounce in relation to your business competitors. It leads to an improvement of behavioral factors and increases your websites CTR on search results

Growth of advertisement revenue

You have ad banners on your website? Incentive traffic can follow them. Increase your website traffic at the same time with ad revenue

Uplift your search results position

High site visits statistic, great external and internal behavioral factors is the way of your site to uplifting the search engine result position

How it works

Trustworthy audience

Hundreds of thousands of users around the world who will visit your site and take any actions on it are at your disposal

Detailed settings

You can create an assignment in which you specify the preferred sources of referrals and the depth of site viewing, down to the exact link following and clicks on ads

Low price

Pay only for the actual number of completed tasks and get daily detailed statistics of completions

24/7 technical support

Professional technical support will assist in setting up ad campaigns and in tracking results


"A working service for those who need to get a lot of traffic. Minimum bounce rates, good behavioral factors, unique IPs. It differs favorably from analogs for its large limit of key phrases and entry points. You get A+ from me".


"I'll will point it right away: I'm not in any way advocating usage of "black" SEO for "white" projects, especially e-commerce projects. However, for gray niches, this is a very real way to "wind up" the behavioral factors and get a lot of traffic. So you can really get to the TOP of search results in a few months. You should use it!".

Alexander Vlasov

"SE are getting smarter, and typical 'winding up' only hurts. So I came across a incentive traffic service on IPweb, which helped to improve behavioral factors without any risks and losses".

Ivan Petrov

"I ordered the promotion of VK groups, an Instagram account, promoted a regional site in a narrow niche. I chose IPweb according to these criteria: geo settings, depth, traffic is trustworthy, no bots. It is convenient to promote everything from one account".


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