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The system rules are mandatory for both users and the administration. By registering, users confirm their agreement with the rules below and undertake to comply with them. In case of violation of the rules of the system, the administration has the right to apply penalties to users, up to blocking accounts. When resolving any disputes with users, these rules have the highest priority and should be used first.

1.Participation in the IPweb

1.1. Participation in the IPweb. ru system is free and voluntary; any Internet user can become a user.

1.2. When registering, the user is obliged to provide accurate information about himself.

1.3. The user has the right to have no more than 1 account in the system, registration of additional accounts without obtaining permission from the administration entails the blocking of all user accounts.

1.4. The user is obliged to monitor the observance of the confidentiality of the account details in the system, the user himself is fully responsible for the consequences arising from the passage of the password to the account to the third person. If the password is lost and it is impossible to recover it, as well as in case of loss of access to the WMID specified during registration, the user loses access to the account, the system administration is not responsible for this and is not obliged to somehow solve this problem that arose through the user’s fault.

1.5. Users who are inactive for more than six months can be removed by the decision of the administration.

1.6. The use of the IPweb system is strictly prohibited. ru as an exchange office for Internet currencies / payment systems. In the event that a user refills an account in one currency / payment system and then attempts to withdraw funds in a different currency / payment system, the account is blocked with all funds in the account. Unlocking is not possible under any circumstances.

2.Surfing in the IPweb system

2.1. The user has no right in any way to disrupt the normal course of surfing and the full loading of all elements of advertisers’ sites. Any automation of the surfing process is prohibited.

2.2. Surfing with disabled loading of images and / or animation, as well as in a browser window with an area of less than 1/2 of the screen is prohibited.

2.3. Any attempts to cheat (increase the user’s personal account without fulfilling obligations to advertisers) entail immediate blocking of the account.

2.4. The use of external proxy servers when surfing is prohibited. When a prohibited proxy server is detected, the system issues a corresponding warning to the user; for repeated ignoring of system warnings, the user account is blocked without unblocking options.

2.5. Multiple accidental clicks on the control image while surfing are prohibited. Upon reaching 25 errors in choosing a control image per day, the account is fined for the amount of possible earnings for each subsequent error, for 50 or more errors per day, the fine is double the amount of possible earnings.

2.6. If the task of clicking on a specific link is indicated in surfing, you must click on this link, and not on any one. A click on a random link is acceptable, only the task is set if you "click on any link on the site", but it is strictly forbidden to return to the previous page and click on other links on it, unless this is directly indicated in the task. Violation of the click path specified by the advertiser is punishable by a fine or account blocking.

2.7. When completing tasks on social networks, it is prohibited:

— leave the community after receiving payment for joining it;
— unsubscribe from channels and accounts after receiving payment;
— "take" your like after receiving payment;
— delete paid reposts of records from your page (including hiding them for some part of the audience, or closing the profile completely);
— try in any other way to level the results of promotion;
— use non-real name, surname (fakes, names of celebrities, etc.) in the profiles of social networks that are used to complete tasks.

If you violate these rules, your account will be fined for each detected case in an amount exceeding the cost of completing the task by 3-10 times or blocked. Checks are carried out regularly.

2.8. It is strictly forbidden to disclose any detailed information about the tasks received in the IPweb. ru service to third parties, including publishing on third-party resources the texts of task instructions, links to screenshots of executions, etc.

3.Inviting referrals

3.1. Distribution of referral links using any kind of spam is strictly prohibited. E-mail spam, forum, guest, blog, etc. spam is punishable by immediate account blocking after the first confirmed complaint.

3.2. There are no restrictions on the "visibility" of ref-links, you can use ref-links on your resources without any restrictions.

3.3. It is allowed to use your own advertising materials (banners, texts, etc.) to attract referrals.

4.Requirements for promoted sites

4.1. All sites of the system participants are moderated, changing the site’s profile after passing the moderation without obtaining the consent of the administration entails blocking the user’s account.

4.2. Sites containing materials, the distribution of which violates the legislation of the Russian Federation, are not allowed to participate in the system. This also applies to sites with pornographic content.

4.3. Sites that copy or emulate sites or parts of sites of other well-known web projects are also not allowed.

4.4. Sites of the "free" category (promoted for credits) are prohibited from having pop-up windows. On "paid" (promoted for rubles) sites, no more than 1 pop-up or pop-under window is allowed.

4.5. It is forbidden to use on sites dialog boxes that are activated without a conscious request from the user, as well as scripts that add information to the "Favorites" or change the browser start page without the user’s knowledge. Any kind of exploits and viruses on the sites are strictly prohibited.

4.6. The system moderator has the right not to allow any site to participate in the promotion, with or without an explanation of the reasons.

5.Procedure for action and changes in these rules

5.1. These rules come into effect immediately after the user is registered in the system, in case of disagreement with the rules, the visitor is obliged to refuse registration.

5.2. Violation of the rules will inevitably lead to the application of the punishment chosen by the administration, from warning the user to blocking the account.

5.3. The administration has the right to change and / or supplement these rules without prior notice to users; if the text of the rules changes, the new rules come into effect for all users at the time they are published on the system’s website.

6.Limitation of liability

6.1. The IPweb system is not responsible for the actions of third parties and third-party services. In particular, we cannot guarantee 100% accounting for all metrics (visits, actions, etc.)

6.2. The advertiser undertakes, when using the services of the IPweb. ru service, not to violate the interests of third parties and the rules of other services, including the rules of hosting and user agreements of search engines. The advertiser bears all responsibility for such violations resulting from the use of the services of the IPweb. ru service.

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