Incentive traffic

Subscribers and likes on Instagram

Real subscribers, likes, post shares, comments and IGTV views. No bots or spam.


Our prices


Followers and likes

$ 0.07 / 10 like

  • Real Instagram users
  • Choice of gender and age
  • Choice of country and city

IGTV and stories views

from $ 0.03 / 10 view

  • From real users
  • Story reactions
  • Shares


from $ 0.12 / 10 comment

  • Choice of geo/language
  • Meaningful and starting from 4 words
  • Using your text

How to promote your Instagram account?

Do you have your own business or your own store? Then you need to promote your account without breaking the rules of the social networ. With our help you can make your account popular:

Get new subscribers

More followers the better! Potential advertisers get very interested in accounts with active followers.

Get to the top hashtags

How many likes do you need to get to the top? It all depends on the popularity of the hashtag. You don't need to have a multi-million audience - put relevant hashtags and collect as many likes as possible.

Increase activity

Activity affects account and post ranking. Comments, saves, reposts - is a more reliable indicator of popularity.

Make money on your account

Popular account with tons of active subscribers will certainly interest advertisers or partners for mutual PR.

How it works

Trustworthy audience

Hundreds of thousands of users around the world who will visit your site and take any actions on it are at your disposal

Detailed settings

You can create an assignment in which you specify the preferred sources of referrals and the depth of site viewing, down to the exact link following and clicks on ads

Low price

Pay only for the actual number of completed tasks and get daily detailed statistics of completions

24/7 technical support

Professional technical support will assist in setting up ad campaigns and in tracking results


"The only site where you can order views of stories and videos. It turns out this is not a cheat - you show your video to people the same way as when you set up an advertisement for a story. But it’s much cheaper!".

Henna Goulding

"Excellent service! No need to give access to your account, no security warnings. Just send a link to a profile or post, and the likes are added ... Now I use it not only for Insta, but also for VK".

Melanie Morrow

"I used to order activities in the Instagram profile in other services, but everywhere there were bots. And here you can even choose the city and the age of subscribers. I chose St. Petersburg, ordered comments, and all of them were from real people! I didn't even make up the text of the comments, they wrote them themselves. Nice 👍".

Javier Hebert

"I ordered the promotion of VK groups, an Instagram account, promoted a regional site in a narrow niche. I chose IPweb according to these criteria: geo settings, depth, traffic is trustworthy, no bots. It is convenient to promote everything from one account".


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